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Photo Capstone

For as long as I remember, I have struggled with anxiety and was recently diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Every day brings new challenges, and I have been documenting times when I have felt changes in my mental health using a snapshot aesthetic of the casual photograph. These photographs are a diary, illustrating my day-to-day life. Each new change to my mental health would bring a photograph, allowing me to be further outside of the moment by quickly capturing the scene and moving on. Paired with these photographs are notes on how I was feeling, notes to a future self. Through the postal service, I sent these images and words as postcards, allowing myself time to process these feelings and emotions; allowing time to think about when I thought my anxiety was at its highest. These physical documentations of my emotions leave my hands one day, only to return bringing a new perspective. The ritual of mailing my thoughts and feelings off into the world, only to have them boomerang right back to me allows me to feel less alone. By installing this collection of snapshots and writing hanging in a delicate mass, the audience and I become surrounded by little pieces of time. Good times and bad times. These snapshots of time have come together to create something new; something beautiful. Being able to process my anxious thoughts has helped put many moments into perspective. Each day brings new challenges, but in these challenges, we can learn that it is okay to feel and that things will be better in the end.

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