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App Overview

PebleMKE is a concept 501c3 nonprofit and lifestyle app dedicated to encouraging local spending in Milwaukee. During a recession, small businesses play a big factor in pulling the community back up. Now being in one of the worst recessions our community has ever faced, small businesses need your help!



  • To provide a place for small businesses to gain traction

  • To give consumers special sales/offers

  • To become a database of small businesses in Milwaukee

  • To spotlight local companies in the community

  • To connect costumers to business owners


PebleMKE will offer a free platform for small businesses to promote themselves and their services. The platform will also make it easy for businesses to communicate directly with customers to build lasting relationships.


  • There is no easy way to directly communicate with business owners in one place.

  • Discounts for local businesses are hard to find.

  • Local businesses need a platform that spotlights them!

Target Audience

  • Age: 18-60

  • Gender: All genders (not gender-specific)

  • Psychographics: Avid shoppers, money savers, community values, interests in bettering the community, future and current business owners

  • Social media of choice: Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter

  • Financial Information: Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Upper Class

  • Hobbies: Shopping, Arts, Music,

  • Habits: Checking for the best deals, looking for new places to shop,

  • Pain points: Being unable to find new businesses that are local to the community, large costs to promoting your business on a platform

  • Clients include: small business owners, consumers

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